How to setup whitelabel nameservers

As a reseller, you are able to set "whitelabel" nameservers, meaning that you can use your own domain's nameservers for your clients to use instead of our own.

To start, login to your WHM and select "Basic WebHost Manager Setup" in the top left. If you can't see this, click the hamburger menu in the top left as well to bring out  the list of options.

Once in the menu, select "Explicitly Set the Nameservers."

Once selected, type in the nameservers you want for your domain. There must be a minimum of 2 nameservers set, but if you wish you can add a third or fourth but it will not give any benefits.

Click save changes once you have typed in your new nameservers.

After this, login to your cPanel account and select  the "Zone Editor" under the "Domains" section.

In the menu, click "manage" next to the domain you want to use for your nameservers.

Click "add record" for the following menu to show up.

In the "Valid zone name" input, type in your first nameserver. In the "IPv4 address" box, type in our server IP, "". If you have a dedicated IP for your hosting type in your dedicated IP in the box.

Repeat this zone manager process for the second nameserver. Both of the nameservers should have their IPs set as the same.

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